Windows 7 Screenshot Gallery

Windows is loading files

First, Windows must load all files from the CD-ROM to memory.

Set Username

The First step of installation screen. You must set your user name.

Set Time

Then you must configure the time. Normally, it is pre-configured by your existing operation systems.

Disk Selection

Select the partition to install Windows 7.

Configure Update

Configuring Windows Update.


The installation was started.


Windows must restart after installation.

Return to install

Then Windows returned to installation screen and restarted again.


Windows is preparing for first computer use.

Starting Windows

The Windows loading screen.

Windows Logo

The Windows 7's new boot logo.

Welcome screen

The welcome screen. The background is different than Windows Vista.


The desktop of Windows 7. I added some gadgets and sticky notes.

Add Gadgets

The Add Gadgets screen is still same.

Start Menu

The new Start Menu of Windows 7.

Windows Explorer

The new Windows Explorer user interface.

Windows Calculator

The new Windows Calculator, using .NET Framework 3.5's Windows Presentation Foundation.

IE8 Setup

The Internet Explorer 8's setup screen.

IE8 Beta

The screenshot of Internet Explorer 8. It is included in Windows 7.

New Tab page

The New Tab page of Internet Explorer 8.

InPrivate Mode

Internet Explorer 8 introduced InPrivate mode, which allows you to browser without recording history. It can be disabled by Parental Controls.

Add Search Provider

The Add Search Provider page.

Acid3 Test

Internet Explorer 8 got 22 to 26 on Acid3 Test.

Google Chrome

I downloaded Google Chrome. This is Google Chrome's initial Start Page.

Control Panel

The Control Panel on Windows 7.

User Account Control

You can configure User Account Control so it won't be annoying to you.

Security Settings

The new Security Settins page.

New Paint

The new Microsoft Paint!

MS Paint

Another screenshot of Paint.


Windows PowerShell is included in Windows 7.

Windows Media Player

The new Windows Media Player.



User: CHUKLAE | Date: July 20th, 2009 1:13:46 am | Link:

OOMG the new MS Paint has brushes!


User: Sir Aaron | Date: May 27th, 2009 11:41:20 am | Link:

Great screenshots, SpaceMan! It looks like a mixture between my phone and Windows Vista. Haha. The new paint looks pretty cool...

...I'm sure my dad is going to want to see these.

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