Pokemon Bootleg

There are many ROM hacks of Pokémon, most hacks are distributed by IPS(a file that contains instructions to modify a ROM) patches over the Internet. However, there are some ROM hacks that are sold in game cards. I've seen some of them in China.

Fan Translations

Chinese developers made a lots of fan translations. Fan translations are games in ROM that are translated in a different language. There are not very much official Chinese games, so there are many fan translations. Fan translations are not a type of bootleg, but they are ROM hacks. I played a lots of Chinese Pokémon games, and the Emerald version has a bug: It crashes when you go on the ship and Scott appear. The oldest Pokémon Red/Green/etc. are automatically translated by machine! The texts are nonsense.

Pokémon Jade/Diamond

Keitai Denju Telefang was ROM-hacked and masked as a Pokémon game. The title changed, the texts changed and even the graphics changed.
Cover Art of Bootlegged Pokémon Diamond
Some Chinese developers translated it into Chinese and compiled the game into a game card.
Title Screen of Bootlegged Pokémon game in Chinese. The Title said "Pokémon Diamond"


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