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UnitedUniverse is a Pokémon/Mega Man fan website. It contains (mostly) original Pokémon, Mega Man and webmasters information. There are not much contents yet, but I will try to add some original topics.

Unlike other fan sites, this site store every pages in a MySQL database(like content management system(CMS)), and I update contents from a Web form interface, so I can update my site with my cell phones and game systems. I will release this content management system software in an open-source license when I'm ready. I wanted to release this software because I want to make other fan sites webmasters' life easier. No more copy-and-pasting old site to new site, just make a new template, and no more uploading and editing file, this is 100% separation between content and template.

History of UnitedUniverse

Before 2008

I tried to create an Invisionfree message board... but I didn't have enough knowledge... so I just keep creating and quitting...

2008/4(April) - Deep Space Network

I finally wanted to create a new forum again. I called it Deep Space Network. USCommando, PiplupFan, Saturos and some other users who know me joined and became moderators.

2008/4 - UnitedUniverse

When I Googled Deep Space Network, the first result is Wikipedia article then NASA sites. The name was taken by NASA, so I decided to change. After one week of discussion, UnitedUniverse was renamed to UnitedUniverse.

2008/4 to 2008/5(May) - HTML for Dummies

My mom bought HTML for Dummies book from library, and I learned HTML and CSS. After a few weeks, I tried to create UnitedUniverse's homepage. I tried to use Photoshop to design the layout but I failed.

When I got a real Web authoring tool, Visual Web Developer Express 2008, I created my first layout, it is not old-school, amateurish, black text on the white background, it is a 1000 pixels table layout, like what other fan sites had. I looked at Marriland.com's navigation, and I tried to copy its site structure: Full of Pokémon guides, full of game informations. However, I gave up because it became unmaintainable and hard. After I finished 10%, I need to upload my site, I chose Freewebs. However, DreamChaser/Dialga[Fan] recommended me Freehostia, so I uploaded (and re-created the layout) on Freehostia. The birthday of UnitedUniverse homepage is May 5.

2008/5 to 2008/10(October) - UnitedUniverse V1

I created many pages as I go. In this period, I also learned JavaScript, Visual Basic and many other programming languages. I maintained UnitedUniverse Forums and the homepage. The activity of UnitedUniverse Forums decrease as time goes and I decided to change... The history is blurry in this period.

2008/11(November) to 2008/12(December) - UnitedUniverse V2

I became a co-webmaster working behind the scene of DarkCosmos. I created a content management system for DarkCosmos homepage, its layout looks like what UnitedUniverse looked like. In December 20 to 30, I implemented the CMS to UnitedUniverse and moved the old site's contents to the new site by using a Perl script. The new UnitedUniverse is born.

2009/1(January) to now

I worked hard at fixing bugs and adding new features for this site. I had many affiliates and page hits. I officially created UnitedUniverse Forums V2 to bust all inactivity of UnitedUniverse Forums V1. Now UnitedUniverse is working fine. I hope the peace will last for 6 months.

This site is © 2008-2009 of SpaceMan. Reproduction of any pages are not allowed. This site is not affiliated with any companies. This is just a fan site. Pokémon and Mario are trademark of Nintendo. Mega Man is trademark of Capcom. HTML, XML and other markup languages are trademark of W3C. Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and XUL are trademark of Mozilla Corp. Java and JavaFX are trademark of Sun Microsystems.

The stand-alone source codes are licensed under Mozilla Public License and GNU General Public License V3. See attached LICENSE.txt(if exists) for source code packages for more details.


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