Recomended Software

Here are some recommended freeware. They are very useful.

Recommended Software for Developers


Notepad++ is a free, open-source code editor, it also has advanced features such as find and replace, encoding.


Official Site:

Visual Studio Express

Maybe Visual Studio Express isn't that "free" like programs from SourceForge, but it's very useful, it has IntelliSense, it's a auto-completion feature, and Visual Studio Express is powerful enough for you, you don't need Standard and higher.

Official Site:

Recommended Software

Mozilla Firefox 3

Mozilla Firefox 3 is a web browser with high level security, protection and performance, get Firefox 3 now!

Official Site:
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AutoIt V3

AutoIt is a freeware automation tool, you can automate keystrokes, mouse clicks, actions by writing a BASIC-like script, it's very easy to learn, I don't even need to read full reference before I can write a script. AutoIt is perfect for people who want to learn a scripting language.


Official Site:
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