What I use

Here's a list of programs that I use. By reading the list, you may discover new useful free programs.

Operating Systems

My primary operating system(OS) is Windows. However, maybe I'm the only Linux user in the world of fansites.

  1. Linux Fedora 10: My current OS. Everything are working fine.
  2. Windows Vista: My main OS.
  3. Linux Ubuntu 8.04: I used it from August unitl a system update made wireless network stopped working.
  4. OpenSolaris: An UNIX operating system, I run it inside Windows by using VirtualBox.

Web browsers

My main browser is Firefox. However, to test my site, I also use Google Chrome, Opera even Lynx(a text-only browser)

  1. Firefox: I use it most time, it's the best browser.
  2. Google Chrome: I also use it most time, it has the best design.
  3. Opera: I rarely use it.
  4. Lynx: I use it to test my site, to make sure that my site is accessible.

Video/Music Players

  1. Songbird: Songbird is a free music and video player. It uses Firefox's source code for its user interface.
  2. Windows Media Player: I use it to play videos.

Text/HTML Editors/IDEs

I use a program that is specially designed for HTML editing, C/C++/Java development.

  1. Komodo Edit: A cross-platform and cross-language source code editor. I use it for HTML editing, PHP scripting and Perl scripting. It checks syntax.
  2. NetBeans: I use it mainly for Java/JavaFX development because it's official.
  3. Visual Studio 2008 Express: I used it for .NET, C++ development. It's very useful.

Image Editing

  1. Photoshop CS3: I use it most time. I design banners, logos and a lots of graphics with it.
  2. GIMP: I use it on Linux. It took many windows but it has a lots of good filters.
  3. Inkscape: I use it for vector graphics such as logos and renders that I need to scale to any size.



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