Free Software Myths and Facts

Free software are not about software that does not cost money, they are software that you have freedom to:

  1. Run the program for any propose.
  2. Study the inner workings of the program.
  3. Share the program like sharing newspapers and notes.
  4. Improve the program so everyone benefit.

Maybe most people misunderstood the definition of free software, so free software cost no money and do not innovate very much(developers are thinking about replacing Photoshop or Microsoft Office)

Myth #1 - Free software is worse than retail software

Free software are not developed by bedroom programmers, they are developed by professionals and communities because everyone have access to the source code.

Myth #2 Free software cost no money

There are small amounts of commercial free software such as GNU Ada Compiler. They are just rare.

Myth #3 Free software are insecure

Most people thinks that hidden means secure. Hackers can access free software's source code to find security holes. That is not true. Free software are maintained by thousands of programmers. If one person didn't find a bug, another one will.

Free software does not innovate?

You know about Photoshop, and you know that it is expensive. GIMP is a replacement of Photoshop. The developers of GIMP were thinking about replacing Photoshop, so they copy Photoshop's features. Sun Microsystem created It's an office suite that has most features of Microsoft Office. It's just a replacement of Microsoft Office! There are many bedroom programmers, they know the existence of expensive software, so they tried to copy features of the expensive software. Python, an interpreted programming language tried to innovate so it did not copy curly brace syntax from C, C++, Perl and many other boring programming languages like this:

if (a == 0)
    print('a is 0');
    print('a is not 0');

Python does not even have tokens to end if blocks, it determines the block by indentation level:

if a == 0:
    print "a is 0"
    print "a is not 0" 


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