GTS Bad Practices

When I was searching for a Bonsly, I saw a the following impossible requests:

The person who did that is not want to trade, he/she wanted to store his/her Pokémon or doing GTS clone trick. Uploading a low-level Pokémon for a high level Uber is a bad practice. It floods the database with junk. Nintendo should show an error message if I am asking for Lv. 9 Palkia or something impossible to get. GTS can also be used to level-up your Pokémon, you upload a Lv. 50 Palkia for Lv. 60 Palkia, then after you got Lv. 60 Palkia, you can ask for Lv. 70 Palkia by using your old Lv. 60 Palkia. It is a bad practice and you can get hacked Pokémon from that.

Nintendo added hacker detection system, I tried it because I uploaded a hacked Lv.100 with 999 stats Chimchar, and the system rejects. However, it is impossible to detect hacked Pokémon that mimics legit Pokémon such as a hacked Lv. 80 Palkia obtained from Spear Pillar and with automatically-calculated stats.

GTS can be used for good, for example, uploading Dialga for a Palkia, Mime Jr. for Bonsly. Asking for version-exclusive Pokémon is good.

There are many more about the GTS, Bulbapedia has some useful pages:



User: MidwestGirl | Date: April 30th, 2012 3:47:07 am | Link: (No link provided)

Apparently it won't detect some of the Pokemon from the Oreburgh Mining Museum glitch either...I experimented with a Deoxys on BW and it failed. But a try with a Jirachi on Platinum was accepted. I'll never do it again, I didn't feel right afterward, but I never imagined it'd go through.

I suppose one possible benefit is that Jirachi, being a legendary, probably can't be used in PBR maybe they won't experience that problem. IDK.

Palkia lv. 9-

User: xmalx | Date: November 26th, 2009 3:26:13 pm | Link: (No link provided)

In HGSS, you can get lv. 1 palkia, dialga or girantina.

Mew 9-

User: Cultred | Date: February 4th, 2009 8:42:34 pm | Link: (No link provided)

Are not there too many Mew nine and under wanted? When will people know that this is impossible, and trades won't work with hacked Pokemon?

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