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Recently, I install Linux Fedora, because of many people don't know about Linux, so I took some screenshots of Linux Fedora.

Please note that I installed a lots of programs that do not come with Fedora, such as and NetBeans.

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Fedora Desktop Screenshot

My desktop on Fedora. The dark blue bar with icons on it is called avant-window-navigator. I added the System Monitor and Sticky Notes applets on the GNOME Panel.

Start page

The default homepage of Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5 is Fedora Start page. Featuring a Google search box and an option to search for free(as in freedom) contents.

File browser

The default file browser is Nautilus(I had a hard time at spelling it). The toolbar buttons are big and list of favorites is on the left.

gedit window

Fedora(and many other operating systems with GNOME) come with gedit, the default text editor. It's a lot better than Notepad on Windows.

3D Desktop Cube

Compiz window manager provide a lots of cool eyecandies such as Desktop Cube and Opacify.


Inkscape is a vector graphic editor. In the latest version of Inkscape, there is 3D box.


GIMP is not only for Windows, it's cross-platform. When you copied something to the clipboard, you can use it as a brush.

NetBeans IDE

NetBeans is my favorite IDE. It's the official IDE for Java.

Komodo Edit

I used Komodo Edit 5 to edit webpages such as HTML and PHP.

CompizConfig Setting Manager

CompizConfig Setting Manager is a tool that configures all of the desktop effects. Writer

There is no Microsoft Office on Linux, so I used the free office suite. Impress Impress is replacement of PowerPoint. The Google Chrome presentation was one of my computer assignments. Math Math is a tool to create math formulas and export it to MathML or PDF. When I was bored, I made a formula that contain full of A's.

Totem Movie Player

Totem Movie Player is included with GNOME desktop environment. However, it does not support MP3 format.

Playing .oga files with Totem Movie Player

Totem Movie Player support OGG and OGA/OGV file formats, because they are free and not patented. The music it was playing is Ryuusei no Rockman 3 final stage music that I've recorded in poor and noisy quality.

Disk Usage Analyzer

Disk Usage Analyzer is a useful program that displays the disk usage in pie chart.

Package Manager

The default package manager(a program that allows you to install/uninstall software) on Fedora is PackageKit.

Help Browser

The help browser on Fedora, showing the about page.

localhost on Firefox

I installed httpd server, and I wrote a lots of PHP scripts.

ASCII art generator

One of my PHP scripts: ASCII art generator, showing Google's logo generated as an ASCII art.

About Screens

About screens of some of my programs.


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